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You Had Me At YLW is a safe space where Asian Americans can come to air it all out. I'm Lauren Espejo, artist and creator of the @YLWRNGR blog, your host. This show is the proverbial soap box for our community. The more we share our experiences and stories, the more we can understand each other. It's all things social justice, self-love, inclusion, and representation.

Every episode, I close out by sharing self-care tips and wellness gems. No topics are off-limits and all voices will be heard! Sound editing is done by Landon Grace and all music in the show is produced by Rodney Hazard.

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    Episode 7 - Accepting Ourselves

    Episode 7, first of the new year! This episode features Erin Turingan, creator of blog Coffee Meets Polished. We chat about our paths to our careers, accepting ourselves and what it's like to be Filipina American. I close out with a self-care gem relating to Marie Kondo's tidying up methodology. Enjoy!

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    Episode 6 - Social Justice

    This episode is all about social justice and what we can do to activate the Asian-American community. I'm joined by my illustrious guest, Kirin Macapugay, a social justice warrior in her own right. Get those pens and paper out folks, she drops some major gems. As per usual, I close out the show with a self-care tip about ACTUALLY taking breaks, not faking it. Until next time, you beautiful listeners, you!

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    Episode 5 - Adoptee Identity: Part 3

    This is Part 3 of the Adoptee Identity series, featuring my guest Gia Sergovich. A fellow artist, it was cool to vibe with her and learn more about her journey as a transracial adoptee. Def catch up and listen to Parts 1 and 2 of this series, with Julayne Lee and Zoë Ryan. This episode, I close out with a self-love tip in regards to an extra zen mobile app (who would've thought?) Until next time, my lovely listeners! Don't forget to follow the show on Instagram and Twitter: @YouHadMeAtYLW and our host, @YLWRNGR

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    Episode 4 - Adoptee Identity: Part 2

    This is Part 2 of the Adoptee Identity series, featuring my guest Zoë Ryan. She was so open to talking about her adoption story and exploring her Asian-American identity. Make sure to catch up and listen to Part 1 of the series, with Julayne Lee. Stay tuned for Part 3 with Gia Sergovich! As per usual I close out with a self-care tip advising you to please, please, please read those product ingredient labels! Until next time...

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    Episode 3 - Adoptee Identity: Part 1

    November is National Adoption Awareness Month and we're kicking it off with a three-part series called "Adoptee Identity." I was able to interview three awesome adoptees: Julayne Lee, Zoe Ryan and Gia Sergovich. I learned so much about their adoption journeys and their path to discovering their Asian-American identity. Here is Part 1 featuring Julayne Lee, author of 'Not My White Savior: A Memoir in Poems,' available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. For more info, check out her website:

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    Episode 2 - Welcome to 'You Had Me At YLW'!

    In Episode 2, Lauren Espejo backtracks and gives you the scoop on who she is and what this podcast will be all about. Here is the in-depth interview with her intern at YLWRNGR, Emily Gao. The two of them discuss Lauren's journey with the YLWRNGR blog and social media accounts and her passion in the mission behind it all. Make sure to follow the podcast on Instagram & Twitter: CORRECTION: It's "intersectionality," not "intersectionalism." DUH. =P

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    Episode 1 - Representation of Asian-Americans in the Media

    Welcome to the first episode of You Had me at YLW! In this episode I, Lauren Espejo, am joined by my very good friend, Damar Bobb. We talk about the representation of Asian-Ams in the media, our perspective on "yellowface" and our personal experiences with it. I close out with a self-love tip regarding manifestation. Make sure to follow the podcast on Instagram & Twitter:

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